Thursday, December 17

Computer and Theta Wave Projector

Here is a picture of my personal computer disguised as a pocket New Testament Bible and my Theta Wave Projector hidden in my watch. I describe both of these in my essay, Tools of the Trade

It might seem odd that I would choose a Bible to disguise my computer as, but this is one thing a person in the Victorian Age can pull out at odd times and no one will think it strange. This was the age of Darwinism and the beginnings of the Atheism Movement. As a backlash, religion retaliated with a surge in activity. This was a time of renewed evangelism, gung-ho missionary efforts and tent revivals among Protestants. Catholics were seeing the Virgin Mary everywhere. Conservative Judaism was being formed. Even the Muslims gave birth to the Baha'i faith. This era marked the beginnings of Mormonism, Christian Scientists, Jehovah Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventist, Universalists and the Salvation Army. And mysticism was everywhere. A lot of people carried a pocket Bible with them in this period.

Tuesday, September 1

My Teapot Samantha

This is my teapot Samantha. She is the closest thing I have to a pet. The Institute of Time Travel would never allow me to take a pet with me into the Field, no matter how well behaved. Samantha is a no nonsense traditional four cup British teapot. I never go anywhere without her.

I have noticed that the Cherry Heaven shop in Corfe Castle Village in Dorset, England carries these teapots if you would like one of Samantha's sisters.

Sunday, August 30

My Office

Here is where my office is in the Faculty of History Building at the University of Cambridge. I know it's not Victorian, but it does date back to the 1960s. It's quite beautiful. Here's the history on it: Faculty of History.

My office is somewhere in the center. I may have the only office without a window in a building made of glass. Originally the room was a janitor's closet, but with the advent of robots, the custodian needed a larger area to store his equipment. The office space is limited due to high demand, so this was the only room available. I spend so little time in my office, that I accepted the offer. It just looks so prestigious to have "Faculty of History Building" on my stationery. The Board of Trustees did get me a nice bronze plaque for my door. I may have the smallest office, but I do have the largest door plaque in the building.

The Faculty of History Building at night. Is it any wonder I wanted an office here?

My Flat

Here is a picture of the marvelous old Victorian house I occupy. I live on the third floor which has been converted into an apartment. It's not far from the campus. Dr. Sheridan Wilkins, and his wife Molly, own the house and live in the two floors below. The University of Cambridge pays for my rent. It's a nice arrangement. I get to live in this historic home for free, without having to do upkeep and yardwork, and I have someone to keep an eye on my flat when I'm in the Field.

The Wilkins are nice folks. Sheridan teaches music history at Cambridge and Molly is a piano teacher. They often have visiting musicians staying with them, so I sometimes get a free concert coming up through the floor boards.

I'd like to thank Cindy Funk for giving me a copy of this photo she took while she was staying "down below" with the Wilkins. She's a folk musician and also has a radio show promoting folk music. Here is her website. Cindy Funk