Sunday, August 30

My Office

Here is where my office is in the Faculty of History Building at the University of Cambridge. I know it's not Victorian, but it does date back to the 1960s. It's quite beautiful. Here's the history on it: Faculty of History.

My office is somewhere in the center. I may have the only office without a window in a building made of glass. Originally the room was a janitor's closet, but with the advent of robots, the custodian needed a larger area to store his equipment. The office space is limited due to high demand, so this was the only room available. I spend so little time in my office, that I accepted the offer. It just looks so prestigious to have "Faculty of History Building" on my stationery. The Board of Trustees did get me a nice bronze plaque for my door. I may have the smallest office, but I do have the largest door plaque in the building.

The Faculty of History Building at night. Is it any wonder I wanted an office here?

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