Thursday, December 17

Computer and Theta Wave Projector

Here is a picture of my personal computer disguised as a pocket New Testament Bible and my Theta Wave Projector hidden in my watch. I describe both of these in my essay, Tools of the Trade

It might seem odd that I would choose a Bible to disguise my computer as, but this is one thing a person in the Victorian Age can pull out at odd times and no one will think it strange. This was the age of Darwinism and the beginnings of the Atheism Movement. As a backlash, religion retaliated with a surge in activity. This was a time of renewed evangelism, gung-ho missionary efforts and tent revivals among Protestants. Catholics were seeing the Virgin Mary everywhere. Conservative Judaism was being formed. Even the Muslims gave birth to the Baha'i faith. This era marked the beginnings of Mormonism, Christian Scientists, Jehovah Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventist, Universalists and the Salvation Army. And mysticism was everywhere. A lot of people carried a pocket Bible with them in this period.

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